Violetta & Alfredo, Tea Room

It is being developed step by step and will soon open its doors for those who love a delicious tea served at the correct temperature for the right sensation of its taste and aroma; a pure hot chocolate prepared old style, excellent coffee, artisanal cakes, salty dishes, without forgetting the fresh natural juices and smoothies. There will be also a lot of surprises. All this goes together with classical music playing in the background in an exquisite environment to enhance the pleasure of your palate.

You will be able to listen to different versions of the operas currently played in all Parisians halls with theme days and eventually live performances in the tea room.

Because we want to offer the best to our customers, we pay extreme attention to the quality of our products and raw materials. The saloon works exclusively with Bio certified producer for our tea, fruits and vegetables. Our animal origin products such as lacteous and eggs are obtained from local producers where the animals are grown and kept in open air.

We are looking forward to have you here for breakfast, brunch, lunch or just simply for a gourmand moment before or after an opera representation.

Some charming moments to experience alone or with the company of friends.

We are working hard and setting everything in its place to concretize this magnificent project.

See you soon!

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The campaign

GOAL ACHIEVED in Mai 2017! Thanks very much to all who have contributed to the campaign! Violetta et Alfredo - Tea Room, launch a crowdfunding campaign to contribute to its opening. Thank you very much to all those who are interested in the project and that are willing to participate. Thank you for sharing it with your family, friends and all the people who you think might be interested in this project.